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  • What is Dbaya?

    Dbaya is a Nigerian online market where anyone can open a shop for FREE, sell and buy or exchange any item or service.

  • How do I open a FREE shop with Dbaya?

    It is very easy and takes less than 2 minutes. Just create an account by clicking on the "Register" link above. You can also log in instantly using Facebook without creating an account. To do this, click on "Login" and click on Facebook button. This will automagically create an account for you. You will receive your account details in your Facebook email.

  • Ok. I have opened a shop with Dbaya. How do I start selling something?

    After you have created an account, Click on the "SELL YOUR ITEM OR SERVICE" green button above and you will be taken to a page where you can post an advert of your item or service for free. Please be sure to read the "Helpful Tips" on that page to get the best out of your adverts.

  • How Do I Post My Advert?

    Just fill out correct information about your advert and click on "Post My Ad" green Button at the bottom of the page. Your advert will be sent to us for approval. We will approve it as soon as possible and it will be live on

  • My Advert Has Been Approved. What is the next thing to do?

    Congratulations! You will now start receiving calls and messages from buyers or interested clients. Please make sure you always have your phone with you and also check your Dbaya account for messages from interested buyers or clients.

  • What is Featured Ads?

    Featured Ads are the first adverts that visitors see when they visit our site before seeing other adverts. Featured Adverts stay on top of other adverts and in our front page all the time. The owners get faster sales and more sales than regular ad owners.

  • How do I get my advert featured on the front page?

    To get your ad featured on the front page, You will need to purchase an ad package. Go to "Packages Page" from the top menu and chose the best "Ad Package" suitable for you. Follow the instructions on the following pages to complete ad package purchase. Once your purchase is complete and verified, your package will be activated for you.

  • How does the "Ad Package" Plans work?

    We have 3 ad package plans. The individual package, the business package, and the premium package . if you purchase the individual package, you will be able to have 5 featured ads on our front page for 30 days, and 3 free regular ads for 30 days. if you purchase the business package, you will be able to have 10 featured ads on our front page for 40 days, and 6 free regular ads for 40 days. If you purchase the premium package, you will be able to have 15 featured ads on our front page for 50 days, and 10 free regular ads for 50 days. Note. Ad packages expire when their expiry date is due. It is better to purchase a package that you can finish before the expiry date. Purchase according to the number of ads you want to post.

  • How do I pay for an Ad Package?

    Currently, we only support direct bank transfer method. After you select your preferred package and fill in your info on the following page, you will be taken to a page where you will find our bank account information. You will have to make direct deposit of the exact specified amount to that account using your "Name" and "order number" as Name of depositor. Once we receive your payment, we will activate your package. Any fraudulent attempt or false claim of package purchase will lead to permanent ban. Please ensure that your "name of depositor" on the bank form is the same with your name on Dbaya, then include your order number after your name.

  • How do I activate my purchased ad package or make my ads featured?

    Your purchased ad package is activated by us once we have received your payment. To see your purchased package, click on your name from the home page and click on dashboard to go to your profile. Scroll down to "Package Type" and you will see your package type, number of free ads remaining for that package, number of featured ads remaining for that package and, package expiry date. To use the package and make your ads featured, go to the "MY ADS" section in you profile, and click on the name of the ad you want to make featured, and you will be take to the ad's page. On that page you will see a blue bar saying "Mark as featured AD, Make it Now." Click on" Make it Now" and Congratulations! Your ad is now featured on our front page for more views.

  • I have more questions that are not answered here. What do I do?

    Please email us at, with your question(s) and we will reply to you as soon as possible with the best answer(s) we can find. Thank you.